The Beginning Of Holiday Attire!

"Do I really have to confess this? Please!" Yeah, I have a confession! I did CHRISTmas songs on my acoustic guitar for worship at church with my dad, and I really wanted something CHRISTmas-y (is that a word?!) To wear. So yesterday (Sat.) I woke up, told mom I was going to make a vest out of some plaid downstairs. Needless to say, she thought I was nuts! Seriously, I made it from scratch in like a half hour! I didn't have time to put buttons on, so I pinned it with a snowflake pin! I think it looks cute! (If I don't say so myself!: )P

*.'+{*'.*>.'+{* WHAT I'M WEARING: *>.'+{*'.*>.'
Tank: Borrowed
Black sweater/knit shirt: JcPenneys
Vest:Made by ME!
Scarf: Vanity
Jeans: Vanity
Boots: Payless



  1. Cute vest! I just love plaid!

  2. It's not bad for a half-hour's worth of work! It would've taken me days to make a vest... lol

  3. Frizz: Thanks! I love it toO!:)
    Elaine: yeah, not bad!LOL! Although most people wouldn't try to get it done in a half hour!:) Only CRAZYs do that~!


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