The pitfalls of "Christian" romances

I'm sure if you read "christian" romances, your probably wanting to delete my blog from your list. Sorry! I refuse to shy away from topics that need to be discussed. I hope you will read this article with an open mind, and not graze over this article as another "rambling" of Natasha's. You may have a different view on this subject, but this is mine. (It is MY blog after all!: ) Go start your own!
I don't read "Christian" romances! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Jane Austen! But her romances are quite different from those that have been released in the modern day. Jane Austen has a sweetness to her romances. BUT! Yes I went there! But, you can't-and shouldn't- be dwelling on romances. They twist your mind and give you an unrealistic picture of love. Have you thought about the fact that the majority of romances are written by women, (unmarried I might add!) They have the ability to twist the guy characters into whomever they wish them to be, this turning them into girls! God mad us different for a reason! What fun would it be if we were all the same? Thought the same? Did things the same?
Pretty dull if you ask me!
Back on the subject of  Jane Austen, if you've ever read her biography, you can easily see the damage romances novels did in her life. She was always waiting for the "perfect man" and the "perfect romance" it never came. Thats right! America's most beloved romance novelist was never married. She was still waiting for "perfect" love to come her way. Instead of looking to romance novels to fulfill you, look to Jesus! Even do a study on true love from a biblical perspective. Live your life for Jesus! Next time you think about picking up a romance novel, think twice. I hope my post will run through your mind, causing you to walk the straight and narrow. Be wise about what you put into your mind! I'm not gonna just leave you hanging either! I'll post some well written, clean books for you to put on your "to read" list. Please feel free to comment, I'd love to help you find some clean books to read! Trust me, I read ALOT! : )P
"There are two motives for reading a book; one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it [on Goodreads]." — Bertrand Russell
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  1. Great post. I rarely read romances except the occasional one to review on my book blog. But I admit, I enjoy cracking a few jokes as I read novels like that because of their absolute lack of believability and usually corny characters. = )

  2. I am waiting for a man with the last name Vinchsski because I want that as my last name. lol jk but it could happen;)
    I agree with you about romances, nobody's perfect.
    A grreat book to read is 'before you meet prince charming.'


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