"Have some self control!" the pitfalls of clothing

"Have some self control!" the pitfalls of clothing!

No, I'm reading your mind! In fact, I have no idea if any of you struggle with this, although I have a hunch you do. The scenario: (by the way, this is true story! ; )P

I (well..*clearing throat*, hypothetically speaking, if I was to!LOL!) walk into Vanity, glancing around, I see nothing that catches my eye, except...."Oh! Mom! That hoodie is soooo cute! Can I get?! PLEASE!?" mom rolls her eyes, glances down at the price tag. *Fanning my fainted mother* "Come to! Mom!" Curious, I too look at the tag, then I faint on the floor. When I come to, the $40 price tag is still taunting me, waving its two digit number in my face. Mom tells me, "No, thats wayyyyyyy too much for a hoodie! Lets go!" I reluctantly walk behind her, a pout on my face.

Ok, now obviously my mom and I didn't truly faint! I have my rights as a citizen! "What's the point of this story?", you ask! I will now share part two of this story!

This was about two, or three months later....
I was on the Internet, and found a 20% off coupon for Vanity..."oh...." We went into Vanity, and guess what!??!?!?!? Ok, I won't make you guess! Vanity had put "my" hoodie on sale!!! With the coupon, it came to just $16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was about to jump out of the roof for joy! I now had my fur lined hoodie for less than half the price!

This is my point (Which I hope you've already figured out!) If you only wait, then things will go wayyyy down in price! Just wait on that certain item you've been wanting, chances are it will go down in price! HAVE SOME SELF CONTROL!



  2. Great story!!!
    I've had a similar situation happen...the hoodie I wanted was $79.99...I waited 'til it was on sale, then, the store declared all the sale items, were on sale (weird, but awesome), and I had a coupon code. I ended up getting it for only $16.
    Definite thanx for the self control reminder, its always a good idea during winter when money's tight.
    blessings ~Siri

    PS Two sites you might wanna check out:
    Never Alone, Online Devotional Blog by Teens for Teens

    C28 Christian Apparel

  3. Siriana, (I love how your names spelled by the way!)Great job on bargain hunting! I checked out the devo blog! It looks great! I became a follower so I can keep up with it!:)
    I didn't check out the apparel website (I'm practicing self control!LOL!) I actually need to get rid of some clothes! :)P

  4. Your welcome! I really enjoy reading this, and totally understand not checking more clothes...I just recently got rid of some 'cause things were filling up...too much stuff that didn't fit!

  5. I know how this is! Haha There was a pair of shoes I wanted once that were $48. My mom was like "you should wait. they'll go on sale", and what do you know a month or so later, they were on a double triple clearance and I got them for only $8! Now I always wait..haha.

  6. Candyline: thats awesome! Great job! Thanks for checking out my blog! Look forward to future comments! Have an awesome weekend!


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