Rock those fingers...let 'em show!!

Oh man I love fingerless gloves!!!! they are so totally more awesome then fingered gloves!!and unless you live in an unbearably cold place or don't have pockets then their allot more practical...I mean have you ever tried to put lip gloss on when wearing knit fingered gloves?or tried to button up your coat,fix your hair,blow your nose,try to call some one on your cell or try to answer a call? its madness:P and so this winter I'd had enough!!I went down to one of my favorite stores(any guesses??) yes that's right....Target....and found some adorable Mossimo Supply Co. Fingerless Button Gloves in black(my favorite color btw:)!!!click on the picture below to go check them out....their only like 11 bucks and soo cute!!take it from me!!!they are so warm and cozy!

or there's these really cute ones in teal blue with a popcorn finish from target too!!!

and if you want to be really chic and put together than you could get this adorable black hat that would match perfectly with those black gloves!!

And here is one of my favorite winter outfits that wouldn't be the same with out my fingerless gloves they totally make this outfit....

and thats all for now ladies!!!see you later and go get some fingerless gloves!...


  1. Great post! Thanks! I have fingerless gloves...I just have to dig them out! I LOVE the teal ones!

    Have for a while, actually! ^-^
    SO GREAT!!!
    Natasha - YOU didn't insinuate I wasn't a Christian, an Anonymous blogger did *moans*

  3. BTW, If you wanted, I could give you a blog button and a new background whenever you feel like it ^_^

  4. Oh, I love fingerless gloves! But, I yet have to buy a pair. :P I should look at Target soon and buy a pair BEFORE winter is over. ;)

  5. love the hat! cute!

  6. I LOVE fingerless gloves. I got hooked on them when I was in a Victorian-era play; I didn't get to wear them, but some other cast members did and so I wanted some too. I had a pair of old plain gloves and I cut the fingers off and wore them like that.

    The very next year, all the stores had them and they were "in style." Now I see all kinds of pretty, fancy-schmancy ones and am absolutely in love with them!

  7. saweeeet! i looooveee these gloves!!! love your blog too! thanks so much for commenting mine! it's alot of work so i'm SO glad you like anyone with the name natasha instantly rocks lol!


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