I'm feeling... Purple?!

Hey everyone! Its me (who else would it be?LOL!) This weekend I decided to go all purple! I'm so excited about my hat! I've been wanting a 40's style hat, and I think if I make the brim on this hat a bit longer, it will take on the appearance of a 40's hat! I'm doing it in brown by the way! I'll be sure to post pictures (if it comes out well!) Posting a bad hat job, well...we won't discuss what thats like! : ) So, the second purpose of this article (other than the oufit) is to ask all of you faithful readers what you'd like me to write about! If you have a subject that you'd like my opinion on, or outfit tips...whatever! Please let me know in comments! I love reading all your comments, and I'm sooooo excited that 29 people are actually interested in what I have to say! so awesome! Anyways, please tell me if theres something you'd like me to write about! Now, on to my outfit!

So basically, this outfit consists of odds and ends! What I wear-
Hat: Natasha original!
Shirt: (both under and over) 'Aeropostale
Belt: ???Goodwill, I think!
Skirt: Goodwill
Leggings: Target
Tights: K-mart *sniff* I put a run them this morning! BOO!HOO!
Neckalces: stolen from Melissa
BTW: if your wondering how I did my hair, go HERE my curls didn't come out NEARLY as pretty as hers, oh well! But I do like the end result...hmmm...I'll have to try again!


  1. In your personal opinion (I've been thinking about this for awhile, I plan on blogging my opinion later..)
    What is the difference between fashion and style?

    Oh and also, careful with the low slung belts, they draw attention the the behind..

  2. Kayla, thanks! I'll try to get one together here in the next few days! I'm always looking for suggestions!
    As far as the belt goes, it looks ALOT lower in the picture than it was face-to-face! It was taken shooting down out banister, so it gives the ellusion of being lower! But thank you for saying something!

  3. You should try tucking the belt end in if it gets to long for you!

  4. Hi Natasha. I've been reading your blog for a while--since you started it, I think! I find it really interesting. But one thing I've been wondering, do you have someone take your pictures, or do you use a tripod or camera timer?

  5. Shaynie:It depends upon the picture. This post, I took the picture of my face(and hat) and the rest my Mom took. Sometimes my brother takes them, sometimes my sister, sometimes I use a tripod. Just depends on my outfit/situation. Why do you ask?

  6. I totally understand the not posting a bad hat job...I've learned that one during many of my *cough* sewing experiences...though amazingly some of what I've made has turned out (lots of stories there). I enjoy coming and checking it out when you post something new.
    If you'd ever like to check out my blog...I've done some random book reviews, outfit ideas, drawings...I can set it up so you can access it.:D

  7. Oh, no reason. I know Amanda from AmandaBeth Online uses a tripod, and I just wondered what you did. :D Keep posting; I like it!

  8. Your \hair is TOO CUTE! hey, i just clicked follow so im your 30th follower! check my blog out: !

  9. that is really cute from RACHEL


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