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Hello everyone! Sorry again about the lack of posting! Seems like when I don't feel good, my outfits reflect my mood! Not good! Anyways, I kind of just threw this outfit together, I wore the sweater yesterday with skinny jeans, but of now they're dirty because I got something on them yesterday! Figures! I didn't have time to take a picture yesterday! Patience and I got a really great deal on some brown coats! $15! Massive deal! There warm, but not puffy! Really cool! I'll be sure to post a picture of them soon! We went to Missoula-a town not far from here- and got to go to a real mall! I didn't get much, just the winter coat, plus this really cute sweater for $10! So cool! Really warm too! I'm working on getting some more outfits together. Sorry about that! I've been very uninspired lately! Do any of you have ideas for throwing the clothing gagger? Post some pictures of your outfits! I'd love to see them! Thats mainly where I get my inspiration! I read TONS of other blogs! Thats about it. So help! Give me some ideas for outfits! I'm also looking for more authors for my blog, so if any of you would like to send me your blog, I'll check it out and see If you can write for my blog. I'm looking for modest fashionistas, my guidelines are:
No low cut shirts-especially if they show cleavage! With a tank top/camisole that covers is fine.
No skirts above the knee.
No skin tight jeans/shirts
No profanity!
Leave a comment and a link to your blog, and I'll get back to you! All posts will be moderated by me. If I find that you abuse your rights to posting, you will promptly be deleted! : (: : Sorry! I don't want any inappropriate content! But if you can follow these guidelines, then your welcome to write for me! Look forward to seeing your posts!

-What I'm Wearing-
tank top-???
Sweater- Old Navy
Skirt- Goodwill


  1. Cute! You look adorable and so comfy and cozy!

  2. wow, you have a large amount of interests! at first...srry about my English it's not very good....but I have seen that you are a fan of the books of Tolkien? and other fantasy books? great I'm too. and wicket what you can do with clothes, really awesome


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