Introduction To The Judges-Natasha

As you may have guessed, I'll be a judge as well! I (and hopefully both the other judges) will be participating. But only for fun, and we will not be chosen for first second or third place! So there won't be any bias people, I've chosen people who don't know you (other than me) and will make a fair choice. You can read how we will be choosing the winners in my previous post entitled "juding the winners"

Name: Natasha Lei Atkerson

Age: 15 (16 May 13th!)
Occupation: Student
Favorite Color: Bright colors and Brown.
Nickname: Since I have a mouth full of a name, little ones know me as TaTa

What are some hobbies I enjoy?

Drawing, sketching painting, blogging, reading, crafts, playing musical instruments and photography.

How would I describe my style?

Modest, with a flair for fashion.I don't claim to be a fashion Queen,I just wear what looks good on me.(and I like)

What is my favorite item of clothing?
Right now it would have to be shrugs!

Will you be participating in the Modest Fashion Show?
Of course! But I won't be one of the winners! (I might get a reputation for cheating! : )P

Are you excited to be a judge for the Modest Fashion Show? And why?
Yes! I'm so excited to see what you girls come up with! I've been looking forward to the Fashion show for awhile now and can't wait till the 26th! If you haven't heard of the Fashion Show before, click on the picture at the top that says "Modest Online Fashion Show" it will give you all the info!

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