What I Wear- Stripes!

Hello Everyone! Ok, I know I said I wasn't gonna do any posts, but I thought it over...and my blogs getting boring!!! So for today, I did a hairstyle from a movie! Have you seen Emma? : ) This is my version of her hair! I like how it came out! If any of you would like a tutorial of this hairstyle at a later date-please tell me so! I would love to! What I Wear: Pink shirt(Vanity) Skirt (ancient! It was moms!) Leggings(Vanity)Tights(Herbergers)Shoes(Lands End) And white shrug(JcPenneys) Necklace (given to me) Ring(Payless)



  1. Well I mots diffidently wear my hair down... I can not, can not get my hair to stay up!! It is about five or six inches shy of my waist, and thick. I love hair that is up in a pretty style though...

  2. I mostly wear mine up...though, now that I have it cut shorter, I wear it down a bit more when I'm out of the house...but usually, for everyday stuff, I wear it up...unless the outfit calls for hair down ;D

  3. I'd say up the most, because down takes too much work (I have to wet down, blow dry, straighten and sometimes backcomb for mine to look good, I can't just "leave it"). I have it in two loose, lazy braids today, which looks adorable if I must say so myself. :)

  4. I usually wear my hair pulled up on the sides, in a loose bun, or ponytail.
    My hair is realyl thick, so having it down doesn't always look good.
    I love looking for new and unique hair accessories to embellish my ponytila nad make it look less boring. =)

  5. my hair is naturally super curly sooooo most of the time I leave it down.... ocasionaly I'll put it up,wich takes a barrel full of bobbie pins and boy is it a mess trying to get them all untangled!!!

  6. Well, my hair is short, so I can't wear it up. :) But I love you hair!

  7. Mostly up! :))
    And whadda you know?? I'm a PK too! =)

  8. probably down......i do like the way its out of face when its up, but it usually takes more time and effort to put my hair up than what i'm willing to put in.


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