What I Wear- Sunday Apparel

Hey everyone! So I finally put together my equivalant of a decent outfit! Whether you think so or not is entirely up to you! To change it up from THIS POST I added a few different pieces. I'm so excited! I'm actually sitting here typing with capris on! (pictures later) Of course, its supposed to snow here in a few days. YUCK! SNOW SNOW, GO AWAY! COME AGAIN IN TEN YEARS! Nah, not really! I know we need it during the Winter, but COME ON! Oh well, we Montana people take the nice weather when we can! We're actually going out on our deck right now to have a picnic! How fun! Cream cheese roll ups and sprouts! YUM!

What I Wear-
Brown Shirt-Vanity
Pink Cardigan-Vanity
Skirt- Goodwill
Flip Flops-Vanity
Necklaces-Various places

FYI: I know the bangles don't go with the outfit, and I changed it out later. I had on a purple outfit before that, so thats why it doesn't match! :)


  1. THAT IS SO CUTE!!! Probably wouldnt of worn the leggings but thats just me! I LOVE IT!!

  2. Cute! Yippee!!! It's getting warm enough for shorts here in Montana!!! It's 75 here in Bozeman as I type this... :P

  3. Adorable outfit! And I love the leggings with makes it more appropriate to wear for a casual day so you don't have to worry about exposing your upper legs too much, lol =D


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