16th Birthday Night Pictures!

So, I'm officially an old geezer (so sayeth my little brother). I had my 16th birthday yesterday! I feel pretty old! Even though I don't look any older than two days ago! : )
What I'm Wearing-
Sorry, YES! I'm wearing my pjs! My Dad didn't get home until 10 o'clock, so we waited on the gifts till then.
Anyways, I had a pretty good birthday. We kinda just hung around the house-nothing really exciting. We had lunch with my Dad, and did a bit of shopping.

Basically, I vegged my brain out on the computer playing a game! So, I won't be back on the game for at least a week! Those things are sooooo addictive! Later we did a "spa thing" and did our nails.

The rest you can see from the picturres.

QUESTION: When is your birthday?


  1. ooo!!! Autographed Fireflight stuff XD awesome ;)
    Happy Birthday!

    October 1st! Thanks for asking ;) I'm turning 16 this year too!!!

    wow...that was a seriously random comment, lol

  2. Happy Birthday Natasha!!!! =) Looks like you had a great birthday! My birthday is July 5th, and I'll be 20. =)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Luv ur stuff =]


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