What I Wear- ON TV! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! So this outfit has been sitting in my "pictures" folder collecting dust for a week or so! I finally got the time to put it on! My mom, and older sister and I helped the Food Bank with they're food drive.

If your wondering what that means, basically we took bunches of bags of cans and various food items, dumped them into shopping carts, and sorted them into boxes accourding to the food type.

I got busy, and wasn't paying any attention around me. Next thing I knew, the local TV station camera was ponited right at me! AHHHH!!!!!! I truely hate being on camera!  So anyways, I was on the local news!

What I Wear-
Brown Shirt- Goodwill
Striped Hoodie-Yard Sale
Question: Have you ever helped with your local food drive?

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  1. i think your outfit is cute and decided im going to enter your outfit contest you have in August! Don't be camera shy! I'm growing out of my fright (even though i hate when someone snaps a picture of me when im not prepared!) so yeah


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