What I Wear-"16th Birthday Dinner"

Okay, so I thought I'd share pictures of my dress! My Dad and I weren't able to go out on my birthday because he had something for work that couldn't be done another day. So we did it tonight instead. Anyways...heres the pictures of the dress! I'm so happy with it! Its not hand wash (as I had originally thought) Its machine wash timble dry. Which is good! With 6 peoples laundry running through, its hard to keep from shrinking and washing things that shouldn't be. The dress fits me perfectly and I love it!
It was more than I like to pay for dresses, but you only get one sixteenth birthday! : )
Question: What kinds of posts would you like next?


  1. Talking to a friend of mine about what I'm thinking of doing for my 16th and I say "I figure you only turn 16 once" and she tells me "And 17 and 18 and 19 and 10..." and I reply "Yeah...and every other age. I get your point."
    ;) lol

    nice dress ^_^

  2. Love the dress! So pretty =]


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