What I Wear-Thrify And Chic! Modest Fashion Show-Day 4

Hey everyone! Today has been a long day! I'm pretty tired, but I wanted to get this post up for Luci's Thrify and Chic! Modest fashion show (Click the picture on my sidebar for detials)
We went to the Mueseum in Bozeman, and saw the Davinci display they had. It was okay, I think the machines would have been better if they had the means to use the things they requried (like water and air) But anyways! The pictures inside the mueseum didn't come out too good, but the ones outside came out fairly good. I threw in a picture of me in my face mask last night. Yes, the true me comes out! LOL! It was acutally the first time I've used a face mask, it felt pretty good. Maybe I'll do it again sometime.
For today, I picked something "more casual" but still dressy and feminine. I have to say that this skirt is one of my favorites from a thrift store. Skirts are far easier to find ones that fit than jeans, since they only have to fit in the waist and hips! And the length is pretty easy to figure out.
What I Wear-
Pink Shirt- JcPenneys $4
Skirt-Thrift Shop $2
Flip Flops-Vanity $2 I think....

Sheesh....since when am I the middle on the step ladder?! I feel short! (I'm not really, I'm 5"8)
Beautiful Montana sky!
Question: How tall are you?


  1. hey! i would like to enter your contest... how does this whole contest thing work? ive never done one before. Do I just enter the contest..then just post a pic of me each day on my blog? help! lol

  2. I'm 5'4 four inches shorter then you:)
    That is a pretty skirt.

  3. *Ashley*
    All you need to do is put your name in, email and blog address in the linky (Its above my posts, or you can click on "Enter the Fashion Show")

    On July 1, you will go to my blog and I will have a different linky for your outfit/article you will put your name, and blog address there. Hope this answers your question! I left a comment on your blog, I guess you didn't receive it though! :)

  4. Oh wait a minute! That wasn't you! SORRY! It was another girl, and I got it confused! LOL!:)

  5. ok.. thanks for answering my question. i have one more though. do i only have to do that
    july 1st? or everyday? because i wont be here july 1st-3rd...and i was gonna have them post automatically.

  6. *Ashley* Posting automatically it perfectly fine! Can't wait to see what you come up with! God bless,

  7. I definitely agree with skirts! They are so much easier to buy in general (even non-thrifted). I can probably count the number of pants I have from the top of my head. There aren't a lot. I rarely wear them, too.

    That is a pretty skirt :)

    My height? I am not as tall as I want to be, but then again, I have no real insecurities about that!! I am 5'4".

  8. I'm also 5'8. It's a nice height, isn't it? =]


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