What To Do With That: Tube Top, One Shoulder Dress and Sleeveless Dress?

Everyone has had "that item" at one point or another, that your really, really, really wanted to buy....but it wasn't modest! Yes, the cat is out of the bag! I have wanted to buy immodest items before. I didn't (thank you mom!) but I wanted to. So it came to my mind to do a series of posts called "What To Do With That: "
It will be for a special post, and a few more throughout the Fashion Show if I get questions!

If it's success full, I may keep doing them! So make sure if you like these posts, COMMENT like crazy! And let me know you like them!

Lets face it, tube tops, one shoulder and sleeveless are those items that beckon from the shelves for most girls. But unfortunately, they aren't really that modest. Consider for a moment the tube top:
the fact that if you are "well endowed" they will show too much, if your not, its liable to fall off! The choice is yours! Personally, my choice is: Neither!

I'm here to tell you that we can make these modest! Here are a few examples of cute immodest outfits, and then made modest!

A simple white tee shirt, and a skirt of your choice make these perfect for every girl!

I believe that there is not one single item that can not be "made modest" don't believe me? Leave an item you'd like "modest-fied" in a comment or on my and I will do a post on it during the Modest fashion show! If people like it, there might be more!


  1. Great idea, Natasha! I think this will be a big help when shopping for clothes!
    I like the fact that a lot of the sundresses can be made into jumpers by simply adding a short sleeved shirt! A great place to find shirts to go under low tops/dresses is DownEast Basics. Personally for me, their tops are too tight. But if they are worn underneath something, they add the sleeve part without a lot of bulk!

    Looking forward to more posts like this one! =)


  2. I personally would like them to be modestfied with leggings and boots or a pair of jean and sandals but I do not like the look of adding a big ruffled skirt under it. Sorry I do not mean to be harsh at all just my opinion.

  3. Good job with the 'modestifying'!!

    Although I have to say wouln't you agree that really tight tees that suck to your body and chest would be immodest, what would you do about that? I normally just can't buy those types of shirts or just buy the large!

    What do you do about really tight shirts?

  4. I think wearing tshirts under dresses are tacky. I would suggest wearing a cardigan over the dresses and some leggings underneath.


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