"Shout It!" Modest Online Fashion Show Day: 4 Wear a patriotic outfit!

Hey everyone,
since today is the 4th of July (Independence day!) lets celebrate with good old red white and blue! Obviously, you don't have to! But I thought it would be fun! Unfortunatley,  I wasn't able to get pictures yesterday! Sorry! But thats the way it goes sometimes!

So today if you like, wear something  patriotic! But above all, have an awesome time! I hope each and every one of you are going to look back on this fashion show for inspiration.

I will try very hard to get pictures up later (I lost my USB cord!! AHHHHH! Not a good time!) I already have my Red White and Blue ready to go! : )

Have fun, and stay safe this 4th!


  1. Oops Natasha's I accidentally
    entered my link twice. sorry
    Thank you for putting this fashion show on I am having a great time.

  2. What a great outfit!! I love the patriotic necklaces! You look super comfy and cute;)


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