Miss Lacey Demure-Black With White Lace

"Miss Lacey" Demure: Black With White Lace
Price: $5

Shipping: FREE inside the USA only. If you are outside the USA, pay shipping.

-What Demures Are-
The modest alternative to tank tops or camisoles, Demures are fully adjustable (attaching to your bra strap, they can go up or down as far as you'd like!)
Can add a touch of color and class to practically any shirt!
In additon to the look of a cami under any shirt, you also have amazing coverage! You can bend over ) and show nothing! So if you bend over for some reason, no worries! No ones going to see anything!

-What Demures Aren't-
Demures are not for sheer shirts! If your bra shows through your shirt (you can see the outline) then a Demure will not help. If your neckline is very large (if you can see your bra straps!) You will have a harder time not showing your bra strap. I say harder, because its not entirely impossible, just a bit less comfortable. However, they work superbly for any other shirt!

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