What I Wear-Modest Beach Girl

Hey everyone! Sheesh! Today has been quite long! I've been running like a chicken with its head cut off! LOL! And in case your wondering, yes! A chicken can walk with its head cut off (for awhile!)! We have 60+ people coming to our house for a potluck/church thing. So I'm going to be pretty busy from here on! My Grandparents should be in sometime soon, and my brother is getting baptized on Sunday! Which is awesome! I keep telling him he doesn't need a heater in the water ; ) My baptism was in September! Let me tell you, the water was COLD! I actually swallowed some since it was so cold, I hit the water and gasped! Not fun! Plus I was only 11, and what can you expect?! I know that first picture is kind of crazy, but I actually like it! My ten year old sister has started taking the pictures for me. I put the flash on the quick setting, so we go out and she clicks and I move around! It actually works out well! I get fifty thousand pictures to choose from in less than three minutes! (Okay, maybe five!)
I just got done talking to my friend-who's helping me judge-and we have some picked out! *shhhhhh!* So be on the lookout for the winner! I will be emailing them, so check your inbox in the next few days! 
I actually made this necklace! Its called macrame (I gave away one for my last fashion show) and its super fun! I went for sort of a "modest beach girl" style today! It has been getting up there ( 80 deg. F!) And I decided to put my hair up. I really don't enjoy long hair in the Summer time! It gets incredibly hot and sweaty! But leaving it wet helps! (which I didn't do, thus the hair up!)
-What I Wear-
Head scarf-Claire's
Necklace-Made by me
Shirt- Aeropostale
Skirt- Goodwill



  1. Cute outfit,, I really like your sandals! :) Yes I agree, long hair in the Summer can get REALLY hot. I'm always tempted to cut mine, one of these Summer's I probably will! hehe.

    Oh and a good place I've found knee length jean skirts is at Old Navy (online or in store). :)

  2. I really like your sandals, and the headscarf with the sunglasses! Cute!

  3. Very cute outfit Natasha!
    I LOVE the scarf.

  4. I've sewn all my jean skirts. :) That is the best way to go. And since you are tall it will probably be better that way. Just make sure the jean is the nice kind, and it will turn out lovely. ;) I LOVE mine! I should post pictures of them someday on Bramblewood Fashion....

    Have a lovely day!


  5. Cute outfit! I like the skirt and the sunglasses!

    I just learned of your fashion show today - too bad I missed it! Great idea, though! I'll be on the lookout for the next one :)

  6. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.


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