What I Wear-Cheery Summer Attire

Hey readers! I realized a few days ago, that I haven't posted an outfit in quite awhile! So here is my outfit today!

I actually have quite a few things to update all of you on! I got my Learner's License! Scary! : ) The first time my little sister came in the car while I was driving, she came out with her bike helmet on and said "I'm ready to go!" LOL! Siblings.....*shakes head*

I'd really appreciate prayer this next week, I will be going to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth out. The dentist that is pulling my teeth is the kind who tells you everything that could happen. So I'm a little freaked out...

The DownPour Festival starts next Friday! So excited and ready for a mini vacation.

I saw this dress in JcPenney's and fell in love with it! I was surprised at how long it was, plus the arm holes are decent without a shirt. I still feel odd without sleeves, so I paired today's outfit with a low cut tee shirt. I find its very rare to be able to buy long-ish dresses at retail stores! Most are above the knee, or shorter. At the knee is as short as my skirts get, and even then its a bit short.

On a scale of 1-10 please rate the pictures in this post by leaving a comment.


  1. 6-7. You need more lighting when you take your pictures and even think about just taking a picture of your shoes/purse to add in. Also, try zooming just a bit more. And if you have on a bracelet or necklace, take it off and pose it and take a picture.

    If you take your pictures in more light, than you deffinatly get a 8. If you add the upclose pictures, 10!


  2. Hi Natasha!! I would say the pics would be maybe an 9 out of ten........yeah that sounds about right. HaHa!! I love that dress!! I should go to my towns jcpenny's store today and see if they have it. Ooh, I hope so.=D

  3. I rate this an 8! :) I would rate it a 10 if I was a bit longer (like you said) and maybe had short cap sleeves. Don't get me wrong It's not immodest and definitely doesn't look bad, it looks amazing! So feminine and summery!! I also love the little buttons in the front! =D I would definitely get a dress like this if I found one :)

  4. I love the yellow in the dress...usually I am not a 'yellow fan' but I think on summer dresses for some reason yellow is a fabulous color to wear! Don't worry about you wisdom teeth! I had mine taken out a few years ago, and the dentist who did mine also told me EVERYTHING that was going to happen and EVERYTHING that could possibly happen...which made me freak out even more! I honestly don't even remember what happened after they put me to sleep...and really that whole day after. I was so out of it and on the painkillers...just follow the dentists directions to a "T" rinsing your mouth out with warm salt water every hour for the first whole week, and things should be great. Praying that your surgery goes well, Natasha!

  5. When do you get your wisdoms out? I get mine out on Monday morning!! *shudders*
    I am technically old enough in my state to get my learners (15 and 9 months), but haven't yet. I have been practicing though. :D

  6. That dress is so cute! It would look nice without the tee under it, too. I got my wisdom teeth out a while ago and I was terrified, but it turned out it wasn't nearly as bad I thought it would be. So don't worry about a thing! I will pray.

  7. What a cute dress! Yellow is one of my very favorite colors. It is so bright and cheerful. :) Praying for you about getting wisdom teeth out.. ouch! Hope it goes well. <3

  8. Thanks for the nice comments! I really appreciate the prayers from everyone! (plus the encouragements helps as well)

  9. Hmm...I'd say 5-6 on a scale of 10


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