What I Wear- Pink ♥ Fall Colors

Hey everyone, well today's post has taken me awhile to get up! I took the photos this morning, but haven't had time since! I had to clean the bathroom, do the dishwasher, and I helped with Dinner! Melissa and I cooked biscuits and gravy, hasbrowns and  turkey sausauge. Want a confession? I hate those popping biscuit cans! I'm not joking, they scare me to death! I always have someone else do them for me! So if I'm 80 and in my own house, I'll still be calling my brother to open the cans for me! LOL! Yeah, I know, sad...I can't help it! They've scared me ever since I was a little girl! Today's outfit is my first "Fall". It was a bit chilly outside today, too cold for flip flops *sniff* *sniff* waaaa....I really hate wearing shoes! I would run around barefoot 24/7 if I was allowed to!
♥What I Wear♥
Skirt-Thrift Shop
Shoes-Lands End

What do you think of the banner for the fashion show?


  1. Really cute outfit, Natasha! I would wear it myself in a heartbeat. =)


  2. I LOVE that skirt! It is so cute. :) I really like the bright tights too, I think it looks nice!

  3. I love your outfit!

    Oh, it is 90 here today. :P I wish I had your temperature!


  4. Cute outfit! I like the pink tights!

    It's funny to see you wearing such warm clothes, because where I live today, it was 90 degrees and we went swimming! lol

    Allison Elizabeth♥

  5. Natasha,

    One of the girls that participated in the contest deleted her photos I think, so what should I do?

  6. What a great colour! LOVE those tights. Hehehehe, I'm wearing pink tights on my blog right now! Pink must be the in thing. ;-) And I had no idea. But you are lovely! Love the Philippians verse too!

    heart: Kimberellie


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