Okay, you people must be prayer warriors! It worked! I had my wisdom teeth out this morning, and I feel pretty good. I know that sounds crazy but I'm just a little sore around the jaw area, but thats it! So thank you all! I have been taking it easy, lieing around watching some TV shows, but I did have time to Do my "Susan" art work for the Narnia's wardrobe! So here it is And I also included a picture of why I think I'm a LOL! "real" artist! ; )
This is a close up of the chain mail. It took a looooong time! : )


  1. Ack! I had my wisdoms out last week - hopefully you'll do much better then I did.
    Lovely drawing! I have absolutely no talent in that area, so I admire all who can. :)

  2. Good morning Natasha I am so glad
    you are feeling better.
    Your drawing is lovley, the chain mail is awesome.

    Have A Blessed Day
    Ileigh Jean

  3. Hello! This is Britt from The Christian Fashionista. If you're entered in the Narnia Fashion Event then you can link it with the link tools. If you're not entered, then I'm afraid the entry date is already past. Cool picture though! :D


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