♫♪WHAT I WEAR- Flowery Neck♫♪

Hey everyone! Worship went great! I only missed one chord (which for me is superb!) and we only sounded like squawky chickens once or twice...LOL! Just joking! We visited Helena yesterday and I found some awesome Ross dresses! If you haven't visited Ross before, do! They have some great prices on trendy items, and most all of the dresses were this length or longer! Not very easy to find in outlet stores these days. I'm really excited about the other pieces I found at Ross, and can't wait to show them to you! My favorite, is one that looks like something Mary Tyler Moore would have worn on Dick Van Dyke! And yes, I'm obsessed with the wardrobes on TV! Mostly, thats the only reason I watch TV!  
♫♪What I Wear♫♪
Skinny Jeans-Herbergers
Flip flops-Old Navy

   Whats your favorite movie/tv show inspiration  
    for wardrobes?    


  1. Cute dress! I'm glad the service went well.

    Hmm although the imaginariom of Dr.Parnasus (I know I sluaghtered the spelling on that!) is quite a strange and heady movie, it is great for inspration.

    You new header is cute, but its kinda over powering.

    When are we going to hear more about MODEST mag.?

    Can't wait!

  2. thats a cool outfit! love the dress over the leggings/skinny jeans. :)

  3. Outfit looks cute!!! i wonder what shoes you wore with it?.... Great job dear!!

  4. Love your outfit! Cute! :) I really like the look of dresses over skinny jeans.

    Hmm my favorite TV fashion inspiration...
    -Emily Deschanel in Bones. Professional but always with a unique personal flair!

    -Love the fashion in Gossip Girl but I don't watch it because I think it's a pretty raunchy show personally. But especially Blair's Wardrobe is really beautiful.

    -And I love all of the fashion from movies with 1940's fashion, like Pearl Harbor. I think it is one of my favorite era's! :)

  5. I am an orthodox Jew and I "push the envelope" by wearing long tunics or short dresses over pants, whereas most orthodox women don't wear pants at all. I love the look. I'm a bit of a tomboy so it makes me feel like I can be more active and sit h0owever I like.


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