What I Wear-Priate Girls Meets Montana + Fashion event of one of my readers!



Looking for an online fashion show to participate in? Look no further! The days of amazing fun-the fashion show-starts Oct. 1st and ends the 8th! Hurry over to The Mod Style Lounge for all the details! I can tell you that I plan on participating if I can, and I hope that every one of my readers will head over to the Mod Style Lounge and check it out. If you participate, make sure to tell them that I sent you! They are a wonderful group of ladies, striving to reach the world with their message of modesty! I believe it is important to support as many modest fashion shows as we can! Also: BE SURE TO SPREAD THE WORD AND TELL ALL YOUR READERS ABOUT THIS EVENT!
Aloha! In case your wondering, I have no idea why I said aloha! Perhaps the Hawaiian air is breathing on me....
Today my fabulous photographer was my youngest sister! I think she did a superb job with the photos-other than the subject! LOL! I believe this blazer might become a staple in my wardrobe from now on! It fits me perfectly, and I love the "military" style to the jacket sleeves. I bought it at a thrift store in a little town not far from us, (Thanks Grandma!) I found it while perusing through the racks with my Grandma. Of course their was much complaining and whining from the siblings and actually mom too! Too much shopping.... ; ) 
The belt makes me think of pirates for some reason... so that's why this outfit has been deemed the "Pirate girl meets Montana"
What I Wear-
Blazer-Thrift Shop
skirt-Thrift Shop
Flip Flops-Old Navy
QUESTION: What do you think of this ouftit? If you don't like it, what could be changed or added?


  1. I love it! SOOO cute! The only thing I can think of to make it even cuter is to pair it with ballet flats instead. =]

    Thanks for advertising for our online fashion show!

  2. Hey Natasha!! I like your outfit a lot!! The only thing I would take out is the belt.........only because it make the outfit look waaay to busy. But other than that.......good job!! =)

  3. That skirt is awesome. If you ever decide you are tired of weearing it, please let me know. I would love to buy it from you. Thanks


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