Fashion Observations From An Amature- Fall 2010

I don't claim to be a 'fashion expert' or even 'fashionable'! But I do have eyes, and I can observe the tides of the fashion trends. Repeat! Its all about repeat this year, repeat the 80s', the 40's, the 60's repeat! The constant change in fashion doesn't change much really. There are some simple ways you can update your outfit to move with the ever changing fashion trends, without breaking the bank! Here are the top items on the rise this Fall:

Jeggins Modest-fied

Jeggins Modest-fied by NatashaAtkerson featuring sleeveless dresses
Jeggings (Yes, I know I left off the g, sorry!) Possibly the most im-modest thing they could think of to make! we go Modest-fied again! Jeggings can be made modest with a bit of work. I think they're perfect for under a short-ish dress, with boots. Seeing as how they are basically tight jeans, they would work well, and wouldn't bunch up in your boots! For that I give them credit. However, I don't think they're appropriate with out a long shirt/dress over them. Go for a flowy top to even out the fitted jeggings. I don't own a pair yet, and I can't tell you how they fit or how they feel; I did say it was an observation didn't I?

Scarfs are a must have accesory! Perfect for all your Fall pieces, its a great way to update your wardrobe without spending a ton! It can also be that "something" you've looked for to spice up an otherwise drab shirt.
Ruched Details

Ruched Details by NatashaAtkerson featuring a vneck dress
Ruched shirts, ruched dress, ruched sweaters (at the hem) its everywhere! I'm thinking of doing a shirt with the ruched sleeves (It really wouldn't be that hard to do, perhaps I can do a tutorial!) And maybe a scarf. Feminine, beautiful, its a great look! But they tend to be pretty pricey! So opt for sales items, or try one on your own. could save for it. I believe Forever 21 had a cute striped shirt for around $30.

Over The knee boots

Over The knee boots by NatashaAtkerson featuring satin heels
And the last, and most disgusting trend: Knee high boots. Come on! This is a ridicoulous style! Its totally overpowering, and most often times worn with short barely there shorts. My opionion....dump this trend.

What do you think of these trends? Any more you care to add? Which of these trends would you wear?


  1. I agree with the jeggings.

    I feel like ruched things make my stomach look like its popping out, but thats just an insecurity. they are really pretty, as long as its not drawing too much attention to the upper chest.

    hmm I like over the knee boots, I like how they look. But I just don't feel like there is a way for them to be modest. So I don't love them, and I'm not gonna buy 'em.
    It would of course be hard to sit down without your legs getting pinched or something.

    Keep up the good posts:)

  2. I love skinny jeans so I'm glad jeggings are still trendy this fall. And OOTD stands for outfit of the day.

  3. I don't like jeggings - I'll wear leggings and jeans but not jeggings.

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  4. I don't really like leggings or skinny jeans. I think that they show off too much of the body and aren't modest whatsoever!! Maybe under a dress or something over them they would be o.k, but that's a very small maybe!!

  5. Again, this is Valary-Mac posing as "anonymous" again for my silly computer's sake.
    I don't really like jeggings. I have one pair of them, but I wear them under short dresses/long shirts in winter, and a chunky necklace and a cardigane, and its super stylish, but super affordable.

    You wouldnt believe how fashionable one can be without much money at all! Grandma's old sweater? No problem. A little-girls dress in an XL worn as a shirt is fine too. Some ugly fabric is no problem either. If you sew, you can make simple little ruffles out of them and put them on a modified t-shirt go Great with a white skirt or just plain jeans.

    White high heels are always in, and are just classy for church with a "pearl" headband and a flouncy white wrap-skirt with short leggings underneath. Creativity isnt just fun, it has probably saved me hundreds of dollars, and I have a huge wardrobe.

    Sincerely a sister in Christ,
    Valary-Mac <><


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