What I Wear- The Colors Of Fall

Hey everyone, today was a bit more chilly, thus the scarf and boots. I paired the scarf with bright colors-mostly because it looks too goth with anything else. Sorry I haven't Blogged more! I've been really busy with school, and life in general. The nip in the air tends to suck creativity out of you! I do have to admit that I enjoy my Winter clothing more than Summer, more layering and sweaters! I've been trying to think of the positive in Winter. Snows not really all that bad, and I wouldn't want to live in the heat forever! It might be nice for awhile, but the change is good. Plus, its tons easier to stay modest in the Winter. No one truely enjoys donning a tank top under their shirts in the heat of Summer! (I've got a solution for that coming soon! So keep an eye out!)

I'm experiencing "hair challenge" which is code for "I have no idea what to do with my hair!" Any ideas that don't require chemicals or scissors?

What I Wear-
Black shirt-Wal Mart
Tank Top-Pac Sun
Skirt-Thrift Shop


  1. ohmigoodness! lol we have the exact same pair of boots!!! XD I love mine :)

  2. Has the girl that won that fashion contest contacted you? I asked her to email me, but she hasn't. I thot maybe she had emailed you?

  3. i like this outfit except for the tights - i would have gone with black lace instead!
    To answer your question, i usually pull the top of my hair out of my faceinto a clip and let the sides down - its for dressy and casual occasions!

  4. Lovin the shoes!

    Umm.. you can post some of the pics from past fashion shows (Other girls) like one day u the next one of them and keep going... IDK LOL =]

  5. I used to not like winter actually! Now I think it's better than summer because of modesty reasons and SNOW! I think that scarf can look good in monochrome, too... grey and black, or two-tone black and beige outfit, without looking goth.

  6. My hair style advice is to stop worrying about it. :) Because I find that messing with the hair can be somewhat hard, and I also find that wearing the hair down is very flattering on most people.
    Also, I really like how you look in loose braids. :) Probably because I can never pull that style off myself... :P

  7. This outfit is really cute. :-) And I love your shoes!

  8. sweet shirt, i have knee socks that are the same design as that!


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