A Modest Attitude- Modesty for Guys!

While modest clothing choices for girls is very important, the subject of modesty for guys rarely shows up! Most people would probably tell you "Oh, guys can wear anything and still be modest!" But I don't think thats true, not by a long shot! Guys can wear things, or act a certain way thats just as big a stumbling block as girls wearing a low cut shirt. For the most part, guys clothing is mostly modest. I say mostly because there are a few exceptions:
Super tight skinny jeans
Baggy jeans

Now I know this seems a bit odd (considering they're exactly opposite) but its true!
  • Super tight skinny jeans
Super tight, need I say more? On top of the fact that they are super super super tight, in my opinion they're not very flattering. But I suppose that could just be me.....

  • Baggy jeans
On the other end of the line, we have super super super baggy pants....yeah not cool! I don't know who told guys that showing their boxers was cool, but whoever it was had some serious issues! Listen girls, if you have a brother/boyfriend/guy friend who wears these TELL THEM TO STOP! PLEASE!

  • Attitude-The Heart Of The Issue
Honestly, the biggest factor in guys being "im-modest" is the attitudes. Have you ever seen those guys with 'that' attitude? Like they're cooler than you, and they know it?! Not only is this appalling, its also incredibly im-modest. However, there is a difference between im-modesty, and self confidence. If a guy has self confidence, he doesn't need to walk around with an attitude problem.

The main point of this article? Well girls (and I guess guys if your reading this! : ) TELL YOUR GUYS NOT TO WEAR BAGGY OR SUPER TIGHT SKINNY JEANS WITH AN ATTITUDE! : ) LOL! Or something like that.......

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