What I Wear- Below The Knee Plaid Wool Skirt

Hey everyone! You know, last year I disliked snow...its starting on me! *SHHHH!!!* Don't tell Mom! Pretty background, no?! Whats more perfect for Winter 2010 than a calf length wool plaid skirt? I wore this outfit yesterday for church, minus the black tights (I had white) and the pink shrug. But I didn't get a picture yesterday...and I really liked the outfit! So here it is again! If you saw me yesterday in this outfit...well...get over it! LOL! : ) Just joking!  

Please forgive the hair, its greasy and I didn't feel like taking a shower.

-What I Wear-
Pearl Necklace-Payless $1
Black Shirt- Decree $5
Pink Shrug- Herbergers $4
Belt- Maurices (came with shirt)
Skirt- Thrifted $3.99
Tights- Herbegers-$2
Shoes- Lands End $20



  1. Your cheeks look a little frosty-cute. :) I love the wool skirt I have one like it and I love it!

  2. i really like that skirt. and wow! its snowing already?!? ick! lol...not a big fan of snow.

  3. Great outfit idea! Pretty colors. Hmm... I don't wear many wool skirts, but that sure looks cute and comfortable.

    It is a pleasure to have found your blog! It's so wonderful to see a young lady striving to please God with her life and encouraging others to do so. Even though I don't usually do "fashion weeks", I've signed up to be a part of yours. Keep up the good work and keep giving the glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    God bless!

  4. I love plaid and this skirt is so cute on you! Love it with the pop of color!

  5. Very pretty, Natasha! This is such a 50s look! I like the skirt a lot!

  6. Ahh the snow is so pretty Natasha! :) I love your skirt, the subtle pink lines in it are so pretty!!


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