What I Wear- Elegant Black With A Splash Of Polka Dot! (FOR SALE!)

Hey everyone, today's outfit is for the 'cooler' fashionista ; ) I went with a simple black shirt, and paired it with my latest creation, the scarf! (Details on buying it below) I thought it would be good to show how the scarf can be worn. Its brand new thought (This is the first time I've worn it for more than ten seconds!) 

I think I might be addicted to red nail polish from now just called to me in the box! Well...maybe not...
My new favorite style is the belted skirt with a tucked in shirt! So cute...

Today's outfit centered around this one-of-a-kind, handmade polka dot scarf made by ME! And the best part? Its for sale! I'm selling it for $10! + Actual shipping ( Estimating about $4-6 depending on the method of shipping you would like USA ONLY) Very cute! I'd like to keep it for myself, but Mom said I need to sell some stuff to pay for fabric! LOL! If you are interested in buying the scarf, contact me at and I can give you exact shipping prices. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE! THIS IS THE ONLY SCARF! SO IF YOU'D LIKE IT, EMAIL ME! YOU HAVE 48 HOURS TO PAY (PAYPAL, MONEY ORDER OR CHECK) OR IT WILL GO TO THE NEXT PERSON WHO EMAILS ME.


  1. so cute! your hair looks great too!

  2. Hi Natasha! Your blog has been listed on :D

  3. I LOVE red polish!!!!! I thought it was just me.

  4. How pretty is that?! Your outfit is lovely and I love the scarf too!
    Great idea!

    God bless!

  5. Such a cute scarf!

    I just wanted to tell you that I love how you have outdoor photos even when there is snow on the ground.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I love the outfit. It looks great on u XD Keep up the good work

  7. I LOVE the whole outfit! Especially the skirt :)


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