Feminine Fashion Week Day-1

Hello everyone! Today is day 1 of Feminine Fashion Week! Sorry about the awful...well my face. I've not been feeling well for the past few days (runny nose, soar throat, watering eyes) Allergies! Not fun! But life must go on! I was tempted to cut my head off in the pictures...but you must see me in the good, and the bad! I had to take the photos inside today, as I said I have a cold or allergies and didn't want to run the risk of getting worse on account of the cold.
 I was playing around with the mirror: this is me looking at...well me! : )

 Tron moment:
Oh no! I won't have a double somewhere now will I?! LOL!

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  1. That's a pretty nice outfit. :) I like the shirt, belt and flower necklace!

  2. I really like your shoes and your necklace. You have such pretty hair!

  3. Nice outfit, Natasha! I've noticed there's a lot of cross-commenting going on between the Fashion week participants, but you don't seem to get as many comments as the rest of us! Well, Happy New Year's and thanks for hosting this!

  4. Ellie:
    Thanks for thinking of me! I'm just happy everyones having a good time!

  5. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. :( I've been sick as well.. it's so not fun! Get better soon!!

  6. Hey Natasha!
    Sorry to be giving you this FYI later in the week, but I'd totally spaced it till now!!! :P

    The first day of the Fashion Week I accidently entered twice! Oops! I'm #'s 5 and 6. Only one of those need to be entered! Sorry about that!

    Have a blessed day! This fashion week has been a blast!


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