Feminine Fashion Week Day-3 "Just Me And My Blue Jean Skirt"

Hey everyone! Well we're nearly halfway through the Feminine Fashion Week! *sniff*sniff* I can't believe its already January 3rd! I've really enjoyed seeing all your entries! You've shown just how creative, modest and feminine you can be! I encourage all of you to browse through other people's links and check them out! I was also able to receive about five people through email that I wouldn't otherwise have been able to enter!
 I'm thinking of having a 'best of Feminine Fashion Week' I would post my favorites, obviously there won't be a prize, but it will give you traffic to your site! Any interest in this?
Thank you all for your comments! I'm feeling much better today, not quite back to normal but feeling better. I have a love affair with this skirt! I found it for only $3.99 at a Goodwill in a town not far from where I live. This is the only skirt I've been able to find that is distressed!
Nothing fancy today, just my 'hanging around the house' outfit!
What I Wear-
Floral JcPenney Long Sleeve Shirt With Thumb Holes
Jeanology Disstressed Blue Jean Skirt (thrifted)
Black Wal Mart Tights
Black Payless Ballet Flats With Buckles 


Enter FFW Day 3 Below:


  1. I would love for you to post your favorites! It would be so much fun to see! :) I do wear blue jeans skirts more then any other type of skirt. It is my favorite kind of skirt! :)

  2. I like the skirt! :)

    Yes, I think you should do a 'best of Feminine Fashion Week'! It would be so cool! :D

    For your question, I guess I do, especially around winter time. :)

  3. That would really be cool if you did a "best of Feminine Fashion Week!" Some extra traffic would be nice. :]]

  4. What a lovely outfit, Miss Natasha! Thank you so much for hosting this is pretty fun! :)I, too, did a "jean skirt" day for my post yesterday! Hehe! I love 'em!

    Doing your "favorites" is a fun idea--that would be really fun to see what they are! :)


  5. I would LOVE for you to post a "best of " :)

  6. I love your "best of" idea! It would be great!

  7. What a cute outfit, Natasha! I love your shirt. :)

    It would be fun if you did a "best of Feminine Fashion Week!" As I would love to see your favorites.

    Bramblewood Fashion: Modest Fashion

  8. Hey girl!!
    So, I've been trying to e-mail you, but all the e-mails come back as 'unable to send'??? :P YOU try e-mailing me, okay?
    Gosh, Feminine Fashion Week came up so suddenly, I haven't even got my FIRST day up yet!! :P But, I WILL! I promise ;)


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