Feminine Fashion Week Day-6 "Teal Me, Do You Love The Mountains?"

Hey everyone, just to let all of you know the Linky for the fashion show day 7 will close on the 8th! So hurry and enter your links! Anyone who wishes to enter previous days may do so, but only before the 8th! I've really enjoyed looking at all the lovely feminine outfits displayed! I hope this event might encourage you to continue dressing modestly, and perhaps even keep doing outfit posts! I, for one, would love to see them!

I found a new backdrop! Lovely, no? When I was little I told my mom I was moving to New York, New York! Now, I can't imagine living in a city! Honestly, I would probably suffocate if I didn't see the mountains! God has such a beautiful creation! Just look at the things around you! Snowflakes, gazillions of them, yet each one is unique. Check out the human body, could all of that happen by chance? I think not!

What I Wear-
Maurices- Teal Blue Shirt With Ruffles
Vanity- Brown Hoodie
Merona-Khaki Skirt-Thrifted
Herbergers-Teal Blue Tights
Payless-Black Ballet Flats With Buckles
Necklace-Vinatge broach on string (mom's from High school)
Enter Day 6 Below:


  1. My favorite color is pink, pink, pink....but you probably already knew that through my blog. ;)

  2. My favorite color... either purple or blue... probably both! :)

  3. I like purple, pink, and blue. I love your landscape! It's lovely. Also, that's a cute top! I'm following now. :o)


  4. Cool outfit! I like the hat, shirt, and necklace the most! :)

    My favorite color would have to be blue. :)

  5. What a beautiful place you live!! :)

  6. love the colors of your outfit! Ruffles rule!


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