Feminine Fashion Week Day-7 "I Don't Follow The Trends, I Make Them!"

Hey everyone, Today is the grand finale of FFW. And so another fashion week closes, to be forever etched in all our minds. A chapter in history is over...and yes, I'm a drama queen! Do you have a problem with that?! There must be some reason why your reading this! Obviously its not for my creative poses....I have three signature poses, this one, the other one and my "rush at the camera" pose. You have never seen the third pose, it goes through filtering! Today isn't anything fancy, just my 'stay warm at home' outfit. Which brings me to the title of my post. I want to encourage all of you today to step out and dress the way you've always wanted to dress, not because its 'fashionable' or 'cool' but because you like it! The world is always trying to tell us how to dress, think and live. Its time to step out and tell the world you don't care!
So be prepared, you'll be seeing me on video tomorrow afternoon! I will be doing an actual drawing via Youtube! Be sure to watch and see if your the winner! Plus you can hear my voice! Which I think is always interesting as I personally get mental 'voices' in my head about what someone sounds like from their blog.



  1. I had a great week modeling outfits! Thanks for hosting the event! :)

    Btw, I really like that skirt your wearing! :)

    For your question: I'm not sure, we'll just have to wait and see. ;)

  2. *inhales sharply*

    It's awesome!

  3. Love it!!! The pattern on that shirt is so lovely and goes so well with the skirt and tights (AND shoes!!!). Just lovely!

  4. Thanks for hosting - and for a great week of wonderful gals modeling their modest style! I totally agree with your post's title! Keep up the great work in spreading the word about modesty in the today's culture!

  5. How do we find the video on Youtube? Cute outfit too!

  6. Cute outfit! I think I am going to continue the outfit posts, maybe not every day, but maybe once or twice a week.

  7. Love that floral top! Goes so well with the tights :)

    Kristine. Or Polly.


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