What I Wear- Chunky Beanie Wal Mart Girl

Today's outfit just sort of 'happened'. I finished my crocheted beanie last night, and I sort of centered by outfit around it. Since the black and pink were kind of 'boring' I spiced it up a little with a leopard print skirt. The funny thing is, the skirt is actually from Wal Mart. And actually, it stinks. Or at least it used to. I almost got rid of it! It was on their website, and was advertised as being a strapless dress/halter dress/skirt. works awful as a dress! I thought it might look super cute with some skinny jeans. However, I did discover that it works great as a skirt! I wrapped the ties around several times and knotted it. I must say, I like the end result!

 What I Wear-
Black Wal Mart Leather Jacket-$5
Black Pac Sun Sheer Shirt w/ Tank top underneath-$4
Leopard Print Wal Mart Skirt-$10
White Wal Mart Tights-$5
Payless Ballet Flats-$8

Anyone noticed how my style changes almost daily?! Whats up with that!?
Oh well, you still love me, right? ;)

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