Summer/Spring 2011 Trends Part 1

Trend Summer/Spring alert time! Every now and then, I like to do posts on the latest styles. Every girl at one point or another wants to be 'fashionable'. I encourage you to take these fashion trends, and apply them. But ONLY if you like them! If you think "Oh, thats ugly! But its in style..." who cares! If you don't like it, it ain't in style girlfriend! However, if you adore white, or skirts, or heels, go for it!
I'd also like to say that none of the clothing in the Polyvore is cheap. I'm not suggesting you buy any of the items. The items are merely an illustration of what I'm talking about. Kind of like a stock photo.
Please keep in mind that I'm only a 16 year old girl, and can't predict all the styles. These are just some things I find popping up in stores.
However there are some places that I included that had some afforadable pieces. My favorite being I can't wait to go their in Spokane this Summer! They have some very cute pieces at affordable prices. (Please note that not everything on Forever 21 is modest, please use caution when viewing website)
White-Clothing Trends
I must say, this trend might just be my all time favorite! Setting aside the fact that it's the most incredibly versatile color, its fun too! Now stop muttering "Natasha, your crazy!" under your breath! (Its not very nice!) White is too a fun color! I love white skirts, mostly because they go with just about everything in my closet! I'm most deffinitley going to invest in a white shirt. I'm thinking vintage frills...
How to wear it:
Pair a white shirt with a light blue jean skirt, colorful scarf, and your favorite pair of flip flops.
Trench Coat
Trench Coat Trend #2
Trench Coat Trend #2 by NatashaAtkerson on
You want to know more trends on the rise this Spring/Summer? Trench Coat fashion! Now, when you think trench coat, it can literally be a trench coat. But there's also trench dresses (like the one shown above far left). Personally, I think this could be very cute!
How To Wear It:
Paired with some brown high heels, or brown flats, you have an entire outfit in just a few seconds, no fuss! Although this particular dress could use a tank top.

Comment and tell me about a trend you've seen!
What do you think of these trends?


  1. Wow, I love the skirts, Blouses, & Dress! Although I would probably never buy any of those in white, the style is super cute!!! :D Love it!
    ~Miss.Adriana Castillo

  2. I LOVE wearing white. :) It's so light, airy, and feminine! I think it automatically makes an outfit look "nicer". White also stands for purity... coolness! ;)

    The trench coats are really cute! That's never been quite my style... but I might look into it.

    God bless!

  3. Hi! Ah, it's so cool to see another Christian girl blogger who's into fashion!

    White looks awful on me. I wish it didn't, but I'm so pale it makes me look grey. I blame my irish heritage :P

    As for the trenchcoats, I think you're absolutely right! I saw an adorable trenchcoat inspired skirt on Modcloth the other day, super cute! Super expensive though.

  4. VERY CUTE POST!!! I love it when peopl post things that are in style!!! One thing that is in stlye is: Snake print and Lace and Crochet.



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