Why hasn't Natasha been posting?!

Well, the answer is simple: I have a cold! I've been sick for past 11 days-not that I've been counting or anything! Cough, runny nose, weezing, soar side (result of coughing!), name I got it! It seems everyone has this stuff right now! Anways, thats why I haven't been posting any outfits. People with red noses, and a cough every two seconds, shouldn't post outfits. I have this thing when I'm sick, all my outfits look horrendous! I hope to post tomorrow or Sunday, if I'm feeling better! Bye! Oh yeah, if your bored and have nothing else to do, go ahead and add me on Chictopia!


  1. Sorry to hear you've been sick Natasha! Hope you will be feeling better soon!! :)

  2. A couple friends and I are starting up a new website/blog for set-apart sisters to connect and share. We'd love you to be a part of it! We are also looking for guest bloggers. Blessings, Hannah Rose


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