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Happy Valentines Day everyone! Regardless of popular belief, I did not just rub your "singleness" in your nose! Valentines Day doesn't have to be about a guy! In fact, thats not how it started out! St. Valentine was a persecuted Christian, who was killed on Valentines Day. Valentines Day is a day to show people you love them, yes! But that includes family-like I'm doing tonight! You can laugh at me, call me weird, I don't care! I don't have a boyfriend, and I don't want one, nor need one! I'm 16 years old people! Isn't there enough pressure in this world without the added drama of a boyfriend? Don't freak out on me, no I'm not gay, I'm saving myself for my future husband. I see no reason to date at this age, as I don't intend to get married at this age. Dating should be something we take very seriously, with the intent of marriage, not just to have fun.     
Valentines Day has been so cheapened! Every single person groans at the mention of Valentines Day. Why? Because people told them to! Society tells singles that if they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend on Valentines Day, they're losers! So not true! Because I have a "Heavenly Husband". Still think I'm crazy? Check this verse:
"For your Maker is your husband--the LORD Almighty is his name--the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth." Isaiah 54:5

Pretty cool huh?
Today, if you feel lonely and "single" I encourage you to reach out to God, and ask him to fill that hole inside you. You'll never be able to fill that hole with a husband, it wouldn't work. In fact, you would be worse off if you did get married, because you still wouldn't be happy, your husband can't fulfill your every need. So you'd still be unhappy, and married.

Striped Blue Shirt Thrifted Vanity ($3.99) Black Military Style Skirt Thrifted H&M ($3.99) Blue Tights Herbegers ($5) Military Style Green Flats Payless ($8)
So happy Valentines Day, cause you have an awesome guy somewhere out their that will love you to death. You just need to wait, God WILL bring him. At the perfect time, in the perfect place.
Are you waiting patiently?


  1. Oh my, I think this is the best outfit you have posted! Love it!. BTW I finished the Leslie Ludy book, I've worn my hairs stuff and jewelry numerous times, and my mom is trying really hard not to covet my demure :)

  2. I started to like this outfit...and then I saw the nails and ring. Now I love it! This is probably my favourite outfit you've posted on here!

    God bless xx

  3. Awesome outfit! Everything goes together so well. :)

    and yes, I am waiting. :)

  4. aww you're such a blessing, Natasha! I love how you make these encouraging little devotionals in your fashion posts! :)

    I'm single and I'm perfectly ok with it! I still loves Valentines Day, idk why though. I guess I just love curling up on the couch and watching Pride and Prejudice with pink, red, and white M&Ms hehe :)

    I also wrote my future husband a letter today to tell him I'm waiting for him. I think Valentines Day is a great day to do that!! :) <3

  5. Great outfit and I'm waitinging patiently most of the time.....sometimes I freak out but then I'll pray about it and fel better!

  6. Ok first off.... LOVE the outfit and the skirt is like so adorable! Second that was so encouraging! I need to get my sis to read that! She's 18 and trying to be patient :) I love her. It's great to know that my family isn't alone waiting for God to choose your husband. We are God's bride and we need to be content with that until he brings us our husband. You really just made clear everything that I've been trying to think out about Valentines Day. Thank you so much!

  7. I am really glad to see that maturity in you, Natasha! I know you already know that my first boyfriend eventually became my husband. I hadn't had a boyfriend before he came along! I am glad because although I've had crushes when I was younger, none of them were really husband-material. It is such an awesome story to tell, and it'll make your future husband appreciate you all the more. Rob has had girlfriends before me, but I'm glad he's only had two. He's four years older than I, and he really did date those girls with the intention of marrying them. He was so hurt by those relationships, and I'm really thankful that God answered my prayers because I know it sucks to be rejected.

    The electric blue tights and nail polish are great!

  8. I think this is the best outfit you have posted.... ever! The jacket and the skirt are so pretty, and that ring is sooooo gorgeous. :)

  9. Cute necklace! And I love the blue accents in this outfit. =]


  10. Love the tights...that color is just fabulous!

  11. I agree with everything you said. =) I don't plan to have a boyfriend till I'm well old enough.

    I LOVE those tights! They're my favorite color! ROYAL BLUE!! =D

    -Leia <3


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