Keeping I Classy-Modest Fashion Week Day 1

Hey everyone! Ashley is hosting a modest fashion week! Head over there and enter your outfits! I was a bad Blogger today, I'm not feeling well I only got a picture of my outfit from a family photo we took after Church. Sorry, but its all ya get! I've been thinking of cutting my bangs, any tips or ideas for me?

I'm wearing a shirt over my Maxi dress! Elaine showed me how, and I thought I'd try it out!  
My dress is from Ross BTW. : ) People kept asking last time, and I never got around to telling!
Left to right, Kendall, Me,Onan,Patience,Mom,Dad,Melissa.

WOW! My dads smiling in the photo?! No way!!!!


  1. I really like the layers and how some of them are just peeking over or under. Looks good!
    If you are going to cut your own bangs rather than have it done, make sure you have really sharp scissors. I bought a pair in the hair doo-dads aisle since I cut my own bangs all the time. I also cut them dry (as opposed to wet) so that I don't accidentally cut them too short. :)

    Visiting from Modest Fashion Week!

  2. Oh, you have such a wonderfully large family! :) And you have to love Maxi dresses ;)

  3. I love the color combo of your outfit, Natasha!! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the encouragement, Natasha!!! =)

    About cutting your bangs. There is a really good video on Suddenly Darling you might want to check out. I found it so helpful for cutting my own bangs. =)


  4. Very nice outfit! :D I like the scarf and skirt!

  5. Love the scarf!!! Do you want full or side bangs?

    For side bangs:

    For full bangs:

    I googled those and I love them! Of course, your hair is your choice. I'm not sure... Hmmm...


  6. I love how you layered over the maxi dress! It looks really nice, I love it! :)

  7. Such a great color combo. You and Elaine totally rock the maxi dresses!

  8. What a cute family pic! Happy Valentine's Day!


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