What I Wear- Feminine Military

Today's outfit sort of "fell" into my lap. I borrowed this skirt from my little sister (who promptly informed me that I must give credit for the skirt to her, on my blog! is kind of cool that we can mix our clothes together, and share them. It helps me, as it stretches my wardrobe times ten!
 I'm tired, and I have very little to say tonight, so you must content yourself with this little bit I've written, and what I wear section.

 Army Green Military Style Vanity ($12) 'Crystal' necklace Payless ($3) Floral Skirt Borrowed ($3) Boots Emu (gift)
And in case anyone's wondering, I'm copying Elaine with the list of my clothes. It looks so much nicer than I was doing it before!


  1. It is so lovely when you can borrow clothes! I do like that jacket/coat, but I really can't "do" military looks... :P It always turns out hilariously dreadful. ;)

  2. That skirt is ADORABLE!!! Wishing it was mine... How many sisters do you have? You said it multiplies your closet times ten... really?

  3. I love it!! Tell your sister she has a good taste in skirts!

  4. Mary:
    No! I just have two sisters! :) And two brothers! What I meant, by sharing our two closest, we're multiplying our clothes times ten, not that I had ten sisters! LOL! Sorry for the mix up!

  5. The skirt is amazing, it seems to me like a romance in the snow :-)

  6. great outfit! and you're so lucky to have sisters! I always wanted a sister.

    Thanks for ally our blog love! good luck on the giveaway.

    Just Better Together
    come check out my cowl scarf giveaway

  7. 50 degrees! I'm jealous!! I live in northwestern Pennsylvania, where our high this week is only predicted to be 43 degrees :( Hope you make it to 50!


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