Annoucing: Nancy Drew Fashion Week! April 1-7 2011!

Images used by permisson from the Nancy Drew website

Bramblewood Fashion & What I Wear, What I Do And Why I Did It are proud to announce our first ever co-hosted fashion week! Our inspiration is the lovely, high spirited fiction character-Miss Nancy Drew! You'll know Miss Nancy from her books written by Carolyn Keene , or perhaps from one of her movies- the most recent starring Miss Emma Roberts.

When Will The Event Be? April 1-7 2011

How Can I Enter? There are three ways you can enter:
1.Here at my blog, by entering your blog link in a linky that will be posted on the 1st of April
2.At Ashley's blog by entering your blog link in a linky that will be posted on the 1st of April
3.By emailing me the photos at Atkersonfamily(at)aol(dot)com with "Nancy Drew Fashion" in the subject line.

What Are The Categories? There are three categories:
1. Nancy-Vintage
2. Nancy-Modern
3. Nancy-Costume

Nancy-Vintage is where you should enter all your 1940-1970's fashion sitting in your closet!
Nancy-Modern Try to ask yourself what Nancy would be wearing if she lived in 2011.
Nancy-Costume is the perfect place to enter your Nancy costumes! There's plenty of time to sew one, so hurry up!

Where Can I Find Out What Nancy Would Wear? Since not all of us are experts on what Nancy Drew would wear, this website is a great resource. It has images of all the Nancy Drew covers, by decades.

What If I Don't Know Anything About Nancy Drew, Can I Still Enter? Of course! Everyone is welcome as usual, and encourage all of you ladies to join in the fun!

Please remember that the outfits still need to be modest (of course Nancy would approve!), and I reserve the right to refuse any photos I feel are inappropriate.


  1. AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am bouncing off the walls with excitement!!!! A Nancy Drew fashion week? I am absolutely dying with excitement!!! HOORAY!!!! :):):):):):)
    (Can you tell I am super-excited about my fav book series... as a fashion week?!??!?!?)
    :) YAAYY!!!!!!!!

  2. I am SO EXCITED! I LOVE Nancy Drew! BTW, is there any way I can get the button?

  3. I wanna participate! Hopefully I can!


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