What I Wear- Black And White And Purple!

So once again I come to you on my knees, begging for forgiveness for my bad Blogging ways. I get so behind sometimes, and this time I have no excuse! On the plus side, I've been getting 100% on my Algebra 2 math! Which is very exciting! Teaching Text books rock! And even though I have a bazillion and one things I need to be doing, I'd like to find some more books to read! Anyone have a suggestion? I'm currently reading The House on Malcolm Street by Leisha Kelly. Its been a superb book so far! By the way I have a book blog if your looking for reviews on books: I also have a Goodreads account! Add me as a friend! Just make sure you mention that your from my blog, otherwise I'll think your weird and not add you! *GRIN* Goodreads Account Link

I wore this outfit Sunday (yesterday) but forgot to take pictures! So I wore it again today, and paired it with different shoes, tights, added long sleeves because I was outside and did my hair different. So basically its not the same outfit...kind of...did I just totally talk in circles?  

So good news, I got back to my regular exercise program with Turbo Jam! But unfortunately, I'm dying during the 40 min. Workout! But it does work, I gained an inch pretty much everywhere, and lost it in 4 days! So keeping up your intensity, and sticking it out has its rewards!
I really enjoyed hearing all the different forms of excercise all of you enjoy!
Black Long Sleeve Shirt Wal Mart ($5) White Button Tank Wal Mart ($1) Purple Sweater Thrifted Relativity ($2.50) White Skirt With Black Embroidered Flowers Thrifted ($2.99) Black Tights Wal Mart($5) Black boots Bear Paw (Borrowed) 

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