Nancy Drew Fashion Week Day-3 Modern Nancy

Today is Nancy Drew Fashion Week-Day 3! Unfortuantley this morning I forgot...and dressed in my 'spring outfit'. So for my purposes, this is what Nancy would wear in the year 2011, colorful, unique, so Nancy! I'm thinking I'm having a love affair with lime green now...
 I got tons of compliments on my skirt, but I think they were only out of desperation to see green grass soon. Most of the compliments consisted of: "Oh! I love your skirt! It's reminds me of spring! Man...I wish spring would come soon.." followed by the usual Montana wineing about the snow. While I wish Spring would hurry up and get here, I'm thankful to live in such a beautiful state! The majestic mountains, snow capped and towering over my head. The massive blue sky, of which I can see all, including the puffy white clouds.
 White Fur Hooded Jacket Ross ($12) Lime Green t-shirt Vanity ($?) Spring Lime Green Floral Skirt Thrifted ($2) Black Ballet Flats Payless ($8)
 Forgive the messy hair, I had it up in a bun and got back from church, pulled it out and forgot to tak pictures. So what you see is what you get! *GRIN*
I'm contemplating another fashion week (just modest fashion probably) who's interested? If you are what month would be best?


  1. I love your skirt! I would love to participate in another fashion week! The month really doesn't matter to me. Is that your natural hair texture? I'm thinking you put your wet hair in a bun and let it dry. I read on one blog that that gives you beautiful waves. :)


  2. So pretty! The colors are so bright and happy! :D

  3. You look SO pretty in these pictures, especially the second picture, Natasha! Thank you for hosting this fashion week. :)

  4. Pretty skirt, looks like it is really cold there.. Blessings

  5. ohmaigawsh that skirt is like the cutest thing ever! LOVE!


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