Modest Cyber Fashion Show - July 10-14

Announcing the 5th fashion week here at What I Wear, What I Do And Why I Did It-Modest Cyber Fashion Show! The last one was in January, and I felt it was high time to have another fashion week!

Where: Right here!

When: July 10-14 2011 (Sunday-Thursday)

How It Works: On July 10th, there will be a linky (a place to put a link to your outfit post on your blog).
Every day until the 15th, you can come to my blog and leave your link! It's that easy!

If You Don't Have A Blog: Email me the photos! Email me here: Atkersonfamily(at)aol(dot)com

Add This Button To Your Blog If You Like!


What To Wear: Express yourself! But remember-this is a modest fashion week! So please make sure your dressing with that in mind. (no low cut shirts, no tight shirts, no short dresses or short shorts etc.) If you have any questions about this part (like, can I wear leggings under my dress to make it modest?) Please feel free to email me, I would be very happy to guide you toward clothes that are acceptable for the fashion show. Don't worry! I realize everyones standards are different, and I will keep that in mind. 

What Ages Are Allowed To Enter: Anyone that would like to enter! Old or young, everyone is welcome! If your under 13, I would like you to ask permission from your parents to participate-just so they know your posting photos of yourself on the internet. Everything you do on the internet is permenate-don't do anything you or your parents will regret.

What About Faceless Photos: Photos with the head chopped off, or fuzzed out are accepted!

The Purpose Of The Fashion Week: To encourage ladies-young and old- to dress in a way that God would be proud of. Frumpy isn't what modesty needs to be! Fashion and modesty do mix!

More questions? Email me: Atkersonfamily(at)aol(dot)com


  1. That's a great idea, Natasha!
    Anyway, since we're on the same page about modesty, I think you might be interested in my newest post about modesty at church. Actually it's the very reason I started blogging in the first place.
    Here's the link:
    Hopefully fashion bloggers like you and me and other modest fashion bloggers out there can spread the message to other young ladies!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  2. I will be on my honeymoon, but I am hoping I can still join in on this. We'll see. :)

  3. Hey! I am a new follower and have really been enjoying your blog.

    I have a couple of quick question.
    1)What do you consider short for a dress/ skirt?
    2)What is a low neckline to you?

    I know that there are differing opinions on what short and low are in the modest-dressing world, so for your blog/ fashion show I was wondering what your standards are.

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work.
    God bless!
    Emily P.

  4. Hi! I follow your blog, but I didn't hear about this in time. Is there any way to let me know ahead of time?



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