What I Wear- Capurro Customs Shirt!

Erin was nice enough to send me this fun shirt from her Etsy shop! It has tiny green beads on the shoulders. And surprisingly, fits me perfectly! I say surprising, because normally it's pretty hard to find shirts that aren't skin tight in the wrong places. The shirt is also reasonably priced-($9!) I'd appreciate if all of you would check out her shop-and perhaps buy something if you see something you like! This shirt also comes in pink and orange! I enjoyed working with Erin, she seemed very nice.

I'm also reviewing a flower headband from Erin's shop (later this week) so stay tuned!

I picked up this orange skirt in Spokane WA, and I'm loving it! Orange is actually a really versatile color!

Some of you may be wondering why I'm hiding my face in most of the photos: Rudolph Nose. Yes, allergies! I'm feeling much better today, but I took the photos yesterday when I wasn't feeling very good. I had to chop my bangs again yesterday, they're growing super fast! I just trimmed them last week! But if they grow even a tad, they're in my eyes and I "look up to people" when I talk to them! *GRIN*

I'm wearing: Dangle Earrings from Deb ($4) Handmade necklace ($?) Gray beaded Shirt (From Erin) Black belt from Vanity ($9) Orange Skirt Old Navy ($9) Green Military Flats Payless ($10?)

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  1. That is so cute! I love the shirt, skirt, and earrings. This is probably one of my fav outfits on your blog! Keep up the great work!
    Gabrielle at
    P.S. I hope your allergies get better soon!

  2. CUTE! Totally love the bright orange skirt and bold black belt. Great choices. :)

    Have a wonderful day! xxxx~Kelsey

  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate this blog. I used to have a fashion blog but I deleted it because I felt it too materialistic. I am thinking now that it is completely possible to have a passion for something, whether it be fashion or music or whatever, and still worship God and even use it to show your faith. Thanks for the inspiration, I might start a new fashion blog soon!

  4. Super cute! I would wear this. =]

  5. O, I thought you posed like that to show off your earrings! :) Anyway, I love it when you wear bold colors like this. It screams summer.
    Nice necklace, too!
    And a message for Allison, who commented before me: yes, you definitely can use blog and fashion to glorify God. The reason I started my blog was because I felt I had to voice something about the lack of modesty I witnessed at Church, and that there is lovely (and modern) alternative to immodest and skimpy clothing!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  6. Nice outfit! I like orange a lot :) My bangs (hair in general) grow ridiculously fast too, but good thing it's easy to chop off bangs, so I do it myself.

    I haven't been posting a lot sadly, I know. I've been busy with stuff, which isn't as fun as blogging :) I would really like to get back to it!

    I like the fun jewelry you have on!


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