Nature Pictures In Montana By Natasha Atkerson

The tempature outside is currently 94 deg! So I decided to water the plants. After I watered the plants, the leafs, flowers and spiders called to me! I had to take their pictures, hopefully no one minds my taking a break from fashion! If so, please let me know. I can always post photography at my art blog instead.

 Isn't this spider picture neat?! I don't even like spiders, but I couldn't help taking this picture!

God's creation is so beautiful, isn't it?


  1. Those pictures are truly beautiful. The one with the bug is kind of gross, but when we look at the picture through God's eyes, even that bug is beautiful!!! LOL I love to see pictures that truly capture God's beauty in His creation.

    Loving even the bugs,
    Kianna Rose

  2. Nice pics!

  3. Ooh, I like the new header! =)

  4. Very nicce! I love montana! my family just drove out there a few days ago! around billings :)

  5. Hey, I like your new header! It's cute, great color.

  6. Gorgeous!
    The world is truly an amazing place, and you captured it nicely.


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