What I Wear- Turquoise And Laziness

There's nothing more repulsive to me than a lazy person! And unfortunately, I have tendencies towards laziness. It's a constant battle between laziness and working. I was just talking with a friends yesterday about how much I enjoy a clean room. However, right now my room is a pig-sty (It's my goal today to super clean). Why don't I clean it? Laziness! How much time does it take to just put away that shirt, instead of leaving it lying on the floor?!

Laziness can extend to all areas of our lives. If not kept under control, it can control you. It can become a God that you serve. Seriously, that's not an exaggeration. Laziness can keep you from all sorts of things, work, fun, church and people you love. All of which have devastating consequences, physical, emotional and spiritual. When we place something above the others, we're singling it out as more important. So if you decide to work instead of play with your kids, your putting work ahead of family. If you decide to sleep in, instead of going to church, you're putting sleep ahead of God. If you decide to stay home because your "under the weather", instead of going to work, your putting yourself before work. We all have responsibilities we need to carry out. And if we don't decide now what is and is not important-such as whether or not to sit around being lazy, or go to work-laziness will control you. Don't let anything have that control on you! Laziness doesn't deserve respect! It deserves a good kick in the pants out the door.

So instead of sitting her like a lazy Blogger, I'm going to go clean my room!

How about you? What are you doing today to curb laziness?


  1. Really cute outfit! I am using my "Household Management Binder" today to keep me on track and out of laziness!

  2. I am now hosting a Modest & Marvelous Month Link Party! Will you stop by and link up some of your outfits? I would love it if you did!

  3. The problem with me actually is that I work too much! Haha. I can't sit still without doing anything productive, but I've gotten so much better now (giving time for rest) than when I was single. I used to take every possible responsibility at my church, and I got to the point where I was doing jobs meant for like 8 people! I need to be more housewifey though because I was so used to doing "real" work that I brushed off chores... Now that I am a wife, I'm trying to learn to handle that responsibility better and let my husband do the "real" work. We still both together, so we are flexible about it.

    I love that color on your dress a lot! Nice necklace and hair bun. I especially like that belt! I'd love to find a belt like that... it's punky.


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