What I Wear-Cappuro Customs Heaband And A Poem

This headband was graciously provided to me by: ERIN! Thank you! The headband is lovely, and made very well. I look forward to wearing it many more times! Sorry for the delay in posting it!
Check out Erin's Other items! Sorry for the wet hair-again!

                                     Looking in the mirror, not anything she thought she'd be.
Mirror reflects the flaws back at her.
No perfect super model nose.
Less than lovely tresses.
Eyes don't seem to glow as they should.
Slightly crooked teeth.
Too small a chest.
Too large a waist.
Feet too big.

Applying the mask, she hides behind the foundation.
Slathers on the shadow, so dark you can't see her eyes.
Working at the gym, she sweats for hours.
Mirror on the wall, still telling her she's not good enough.
Now she's on her knees.
Tears washing away the mask. 

Headband close-up

Looking in HIS eyes, she can see the truth.
It's flaws the world inflicts.
Her nose, perfectly shaped to fit her face.
Every hair on her head is counted.
Her eyes reflect love for her Savior.
Her teeth are beautiful as they smile to her Jesus.
Tears wash away the mask, revealing inner beauty.
Majestic, masterpiece, beautifully crafted.
These are the words to describe her.
A heart of gold.
Smile that lights the universe.
A deep passionate love to consumer her.
Perfect in the world's eyes?
Perfect in God's eyes?
HE's perfectly incandescently in love with you.
You need only accept HIM.
Beautiful, perfect daughter of the KING of KINGS.


  1. That's such a cute outfit! I love the headband and the skirt!
    The poem is so true. Very neat!

  2. I like that last look cute! ^^ I like your sweater, too! & nice poems.(:

  3. I love this outfit! Very cute! I love this post Natasha!

  4. I really like this outfit. I wish I coudl wear black. Do come over and see the wedding I posted about and all the modest wedding dress. They are hard to find now adays. Love to have you as a follower. Must go check out your other blogs. I woudl follow but it keeps kicking me off.

  5. I love that last picture! SO pretty!


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