What I Wear- Casual Tuesday & Freedom

Today I feel grateful. Grateful that I can even write this blog post. Grateful that I can talk about God on my blog, and not be put into prison for it. Blessed to live in America! No, America isn't perfect. In fact we have some serious issues. But we have the freedom to have those issues! We have the freedom to tell people what we're thinking. No one can tell me not to dress in these clothes, and nobody can tell you to stop reading my blog! Not every country has these freedoms, these blessings.

I think with all the economic stuff going on, we've forgotten what a wonderful country we live in. We may not be happy when congress or the president does something that goes against what we wanted, but we have the freedom to step out and say "Hey! I don't like that!" But with that freedom, comes abuse and un-gratefulness. We forget all the men and women who have died so that we could have that freedom. Did they die in vain? No! They died so that I could talk about God. If those men hadn't fought in WWII, Germany could have taken over the world. If men hadn't died freeing us from the King of England, we wouldn't have the freedom to go or not go to whatever church we choose.
I know beyond a shadow of doubt that God was in all of that. And He's in America now. It may take some time to wake everyone up, but it's going to happen. God's not done with us. Will America be around for billions more years? I have no idea. What I do know is that God will never leave His people, regardless of how many times we've slapped Him in the face. He's still holding out His hand of mercy.
End of speech. : )

I'm wearing: Pink cardigan Herbegers (original price $58! My price-$8!) Purple Thrifted dress $3.99 Jeggings Kmart $3

PS: Feminine Friday-is this Friday! Be sure to link up!
What freedom are you most thankful for? I'm most thankful for freedom of speech.

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  1. I can't pick one freedom I most thankful for, and you are right, we live in a great country.

    You have been looking really pretty lately, I've always thought that you were pretty, but now even more so.


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