What I Wear- Fall Approaching

Well, it's happening! The weather is starting to cool down, the leaves are's fall! I'm actually excited this Winter! I can't wait to wear my new sweaters and boots! Bring the snow on! Did I just say that...? Yep! Although it's supposed to go back to 80+ in a couple of days, today it's 50 deg! So I'm wearing a hoodie...and flip flops...I took these pictures yesterday. In trying to be positive about Winter, I'm acutally looking forward to it now! Plus everyone loves my Montana snow backgrounds, right?!
I had to go to the dentist yesterday...I have a cavity. Yuck. But it's only a small one, or so they say. Do they just do that to make you feel better? On top of that, our electricity was out all night, and thus I brushed my teeth outside, with a spit cup! I think I could become obsessed with brushing and flossing my teeth! GRIN
Which isn't necessarily a bad thing since my hygienist said that she has some people who only brush their teeth ONCE a MONTH!
So I guess I forgot to do Feminine Friday last week, so it will be this week! Don't forget to link up! I'm hoping to have a bigger turn out this week, so please help me out and link up and spread the word as well!
I'm working on more creative poses, any better?
I'm wearing: Plaid shirt/short dress (originally $58! Sale price: $8!) Capri Jeggings $4 Kmart

Random thing about me: I could eat pizza for months and not sick of it!
What's your favorite food?


  1. I love your outfit and I am also guilty of wishing for colder wearther! =)
    As for food? Potatos, in any form, baked, fried, mashed, I don't care I just LOVE potatoes!!

  2. 50 degrees is my favorite temperature! It never gets to that here, except maybe once in a blue moon, a really blue moon. :(

    My favorite food? Hmmmmmm.....I like ummm...haha I don't know pretty much everything...In-N-Out Double-Double's are heavenly, and I like steak, and turkey, and a lot of things. But pizza, nah...yucky! haha Occasionally it's fine, but I could go the rest of my life without it. We eat it way too much around here. haha

  3. I love your outfit!
    To be honest, I would give anything to have COOLER weather. Where I live it's about 90 degrees with lots of humidity and our gym at school has no air conditioning. Oh...well. :)
    I guess I just need to be content.


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