What I Wear- Fur Boots Debut!

On this, a momentous occasion, I'm delighted to welcome you to my blog. What is this momentous occasion, you ask? The debut of my fur boots! Their "coming out party" if you will. *Chuckle* ah, yes! I amaze myself with my skills in witty words. Of course, that's why you come to my blog, right?! Hello...? Is anyone there? Hellllllloooo...? And for those of you who are still here, even after that awkward silence.
No, but seriously. I'm in love with these boots! They're so cute and I think of about a thousand more outfits they'll go with! You'll also notice that I've whipped out my long sleeves. I'm very excited about the fur trend this season. How about you?
I'm wearing: Aqua Green Long Sleeve Shirt Jcpenney's ($7) JCrew Thrifted Knee Length Blue Jean Skirt ($4) Fur Boots Go Jane ($20)
QUESTION: What Trend Are You Excited About This Season?


  1. I am pea green with envy!!!!! I LOVE them! I am SOOOOOO excited about fur this year too. Yay!! :) Please forgive my hyperness :)

  2. Cute! I am very excited about Fall coming...yay for tights and boots!

  3. Oh mai goodness! I think I have the same pair! hahah :) I love fall and fally outfits! :)

  4. Cute outfit, Natasha! I'm thinking about trying out the fur trend this year. Let's see if I get the courage to do it. lol. The trends I'm looking forward to are mustered yellow, polka dots {duh!}, maxi skirts with bulky sweaters {I copied this trend just this past week}, and the granny plaid trend {I have several things already that fall under this category}. Yep, I'm really looking forward to fall & winter fashion. Which is not normal for me. *laughs*

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