What I Wear- Oriental Flower Dress And A Poem

Prince Charming
There for me 24/7, available to talk at any given moment.
Intense listener, sensitive.
He's perfect.

Doesn't care what I look like, He only cares about my heart.
His motives are pure, He never makes me do anything.
He's Caring.

He waited for years till I noticed Him.
He's patient.

Consistent, He's never lied to me. Ever.
He never changes His mind.
He's steady.

There's no pressure, yet He desires to be with me every moment.
We're constantly talking.

He's a communicator.
He walks every step of life with me.

I know He'll never leave.
He's constant.

He let little Children sit on His lap. When they told the children to leave, He told them no.
He's a lover of children.

He gave up His life for mine.
He's Jesus.

He's caring arms to hold me.
He's my Heavenly Father.

I'm wearing: White Scarf: Vanity ($5) Oriental Flower Dress Plato's Closet ($9) Red Belt ?? striped Shoes Old Navy ($?)


  1. The poem is beautiful, as is that dress! :o)

  2. I love that dress, it's positively gorgeous!


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