What I Wear- Feminine Bomber Jacket & The Heart

The heart is an important part of us. So many times we let thoughts or feelings into our hearts, ultimately it can destroy us! The heart can decimate our character, it can control our actions if we let it.

The Bible says: 
  • "Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life." Proverbs 4:23 
  • "As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man." Proverbs 27:19
  • "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he...." Proverbs 23:7
It's like a chain reaction in your mind. You let one thing in, a whole host of other things come with it. I've been learning about Theorms in my Geometry. Using deductive reasoning, you're assigned to complete the direct proof.
Theorm: If you let that thought of anger in your heart, you will kill someone.
If you let that thought of anger in your heart, then the anger will eat you up inside.
If you let the anger eat you up inside, then your going to let that anger out.
If you let that anger out, then you might lose your temper and not think.
If you lose your temper and don't think, then you will kill someone.
Far fetched? No! Murder starts with a tiny thought, a bit of anger. If someone gets angry, does that mean they're for sure going to kill someone? No. But if you let that feeling of anger stay, let it escalate in your mind, it can lead to murder. bitterness is the same way. At first it can start with you just being irritated with someone, till it finally turns into complete and utter bitterness. Many people will focus on physical purity, but not on emotional purity. Emotional purity is more important in my opinion! Adultery starts with a thought in your heart.  

So what's the answer? You just don't think anymore? No! Of course not! Guard your heart. Give every thought to God. I think almost every impure, evil thought we have is identified immediately. It's what we do with those thoughts, how we handle them that matters. As humans we let you hearts carry us away, till God is no longer in control, our hearts are. Try memorizing a Bible verse about the topic your struggling with. If it's anger, find a Bible verse about anger. Repeat the Bible verse in your mind, and ask the Lord to help you. He most certainly will!  
Now that I've "preached" at you *GRIN*. I'll share a little about my outfit. First of all, I loved this dress the moment I saw it. My mom did not however...but I convinced her to buy it. And I'm so glad I did! It reminds me of a 40's dress! Speaking of thoughts in your heart, this jacket has a little story behind it. I've been drooling over this jacket at Herbergers for a couple of months. However the $78 price tag was a damper. I could never pay that much for a leather jacket. However, the jacket went on sale last weekend for $32! Which was too much to ask my mom to pay, so I bought it with my own money. The story isn't over...I had a moral dilemma at the cash register. I picked up a scarf along with the jacket (I didn't buy it after all). Which was on sale for $14. Well... the lady rang the scarf in TWICE, and didn't ring the jacket in at all. Okay, two choices. I could be deceitful and pay $28 for a $32 jacket and a $14 scarf. Or I could tell the lady that she didn't ring the jacket in, and rang the $14 scarf in twice. Well, I chose to tell the lady. I know that I wouldn't have felt right about paying that for my jacket, so though it hurt, I did tell the lady. And she corrected it. So there's a prime example of your heart! I could have went with my heart, and cheated the store out of it's $18. But I didn't, I chose God's way instead. And I can tell you have no regrets!
I'm wearing:
Pink Flora 40's Style 80's thrifted dress ($4) Leather fur collar Bomber Jacket Herbergers ($32)
Ps: Forgive the messy bangs!

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Proverbs 3:5-6

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